Tuesday, May 29, 2007

B is for Boy, I'm sore!

Last Christmas, my husband's partner (Studio partner, not lover. That would be awkward.) gave me the Billy Bootcamp (as in Billy Banks, the Tae-Bo guy) DVD set complete with workout band. I thought this was a joke and expected to open the box and find really nice jewelry or a gift certificate (because usually, he gives me super great gifts) but when I opened the box and it actually was Billy Bootcamp, I was pretty offended. And disappointed! The plan was to return Billy Bootcamp (it was a $40 set!) but Chicken opened the DVDs so it's been collecting dust on my bedroom floor since December 26th.

Husband keeps complaining his shirts feel a little tight and I should start cooking healthy dinners. I can barley munster up the energy, creativity and time to put a frozen lasagna in the oven. (For the record, I'm actually a pretty good cook. But I'm also lazy.) I jokingly said he should use Billy Bootcamp! He took this in seriousness. That was 2 months ago. Everyday is "the" day he's going to Bootcamp!

So, you'll imagine my surprise when I came home Saturday evening to find my husband in
this position (the same outfit, too!). I had Subway in hand for dinner and dropped it all on the floor and followed the sandwiches by laughing until I nearly peed. It was quite the sight. When I was finished making fun, I looked @ the DVD player run clock which read 4:30 (as in 4 minutes, 30 seconds). Realizing I had food, he turned off the DVD player.

For the following 2 days, he moaned and groaned about the pain after 4:30 of aerobic stretching and I laughed more with each vision in my head.

Last night, after eating a lot of food (and cake), he "worked out" again. This time, I joined him. We went a whole 12 minutes, 20 seconds.

And now, muscles and ligaments hurt in my body that I forgot existed. While "stretching" I recalled my days as a speed skater and having to do the same exact stretches.

Except back then, I actually could touch my toes and plant my face on the floor.

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