Friday, October 27, 2006

The Guilt Fairy

Chicken is sleeping in my bed tonight as she is being left with a babysitter tomorrow for the very. first. time. ever. And I am so. freaking. nervous. And feeling guilty. So I've indulged her long request to "please mommy PLEASE let me sleep in your bed tonight.". "Ok, Chicken" I said.
In the past 6 years I've had a handful of nights out but she's always been left in the care of family. Or very close friends. Never a teenager.

"A TEENAGER?!" you say? Before you nominate me for Worst Mother To Ever Bore Child(ren), let me explain. There is a girl who lives in our neighborhood. A very sweet, church going, Publix working, shy, good, 17 year old girl. She lives with her slightly overprotective single mother. Rightfully overprotective. You see, our babysitter is strikingly gorgeous. And if I weren't sure Husband knew that I'd certainly get more than half (probably 3/4), I'd be a little nervous. Anyway, she lives in the neighborhood, therefore making her mother VERY close by in the case of some kind of chaos (and also ensures no boys will be coming over). She is babysitting because I'm out of back up plans.

Normally, my Mom would watch Chicken. But she has a date (and seeing as I am encouraging a slight case of gold digging, I couldn't guilt her into NOT going). Then Chicken was supposed to sleep over her friend's house (who's parents happen to be very close friends of ours) but her friend's mom had emergency surgery this week so with a part of the friend's mother intestine, there went plan B. Plan C usually consists of one of my relatives but they're all out of town camping (something I wish I was doing with them). Lastly, Plan D was foiled because of my pride. See, we have another set of parents-to-a-child-Chicken's-age friends but when I hinted to the mom that I had run out of arrangements for Olivia on Saturday, she did not offer her services. And because I hate to impose (and a little bit because I feel I'm "punishing" her), I didn't ask.
During past situations like this, I would just decide not to go out at all and stay home with the baby and bake yummy cookies and make stuff. But I need this. I need to have conversations with ADULTS. Conversations that do not include arguments about money, air conditioning, Halloween and Chicken's education. And. I need a drink. (I do not believe I've EVER said that in my entire life.) It's true, I don't drink. But I seem to have bit off a little more than my big mouth can chew and I just need to breathe. And maybe get a little tipsy. (Not so) sadly, I will end up talking about how smart and great Chicken is, what she's going to be for Halloween (a bride. Kind of creepy but I'll explain in another post), work and my love for Husband (in the form of nasty jokes and snide comments).

Such is my life. A life I chose with a great deal of thought. A life I am so proud of and grateful for. So I'm paying a beautiful 17 year old girl $50 to watch my child for a few hours so I can watch my ridiculously talented husband perform songs that were created in my bedroom.

I will definitely have toes in my nose tonight.

Monday, October 23, 2006

This Totally Made My Day!

Here's a small cheesecake slice of humor.
Allow me to preface my little story by telling you it is an ACTUAL true story. This really happened. Which is what makes it so damn funny.

Yesterday, Husband took Chicken to the studio with him. I decided to go to Target. I wasn't in the greatest mood; I had a bad day and just wanted to burn a little money.

I parked my car next to a family of 5; three adult women and two little girls; ages around 3 years old and 6 or 7 years old. The women were packing up the car with their bags and one was going to put the cart back to the cart depot. The 6/7 year old girl was trying to help her mother push the cart. She was really quite sweet about it. Her mother told her to:


I swear to God.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


We took Chicken to the Cheetah Girls concert this week at Large Concert/Sports Venue. Have you ever been in a giant arena with 10,000 girls between the ages of 5 and 15 year old SCREAMING in that girly shrill? No? You should try it. It's a guaranteed headache.

But we had so much fun! Chicken was singing and dancing, generally acting like a fool! (While I prayed for safety and quietly cried because the seats were frighteningly high up.) Plus, not only were the Cheetah Girls there, but HANNAH MONTANA was there too. DOUBLE THE FUN! I know I'm making fun but I shouldn't because I was dancing and singing as much as Olivia (I refuse to admit I was louder and more excited). I love those Cheetah Girls...and Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus, daughter of former mullet head Billy Ray Cyrus. He doesn't have a mullet anymore and is really quite handsome. They're all very cute and promote a lot of good things for girls like girl power (growl power), independence, etc. Except that Raven is a little ghetto. But Raven only does the Cheetah Girl movies, not concerts. guys don't care. Most of you probably don't even know who the Cheetah Girls are. But you will...they're going to take the world by storm! (Ok, seriously...someone please take me to a grown up place.)

In more good things to say, I've come to an agreement with my current place of employment to finally work part time. I've been complaining and trying to work part time since Chicken started Kindergarten this year. As she gets older, her social and activity calendar becomes fuller and more difficult to manage. Working full time simply was not acceptable and I needed to accommodate Chicken and her growing life. But since we've already paid for after school care through October, my new 8am-2pm hours won't start until November 1st. Which is fine since cheerleading finishes next week and soccer doesn't start until the 1st week in November so things won't be so bad between now and then. But I'm so very, very happy about this.

In relation to my recent job news, please visit our very good friend, psychic medium, Robyn Z. ( She's been a personal friend of ours for many, many, many years and has provided support, insight and light for us. When Chicken started school this year, I was complaining (how unusual) to Robyn about how difficult it was for me to work full time and that I needed to work part time ASAP. She told me to be patient, that I would be working part time very soon and seemed to think I wouldn't have to leave my current job (which I love). She has also communicated some very important messages for me from people in the beyond. Through her, I often feel very close to my dad and others who've passed away. Seriously. She's as real as they come and so kind. Thanks Robyn, for all of your support over the years. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Moving on, I keep talking about the holidays. And Christmas has already consumed my thoughts. I am so freaking excited! I've started writing shopping lists in my head and am planning my tree theme and everything. It's sick. Robyn has a song called Myspace Anonymous for those addicted. Is there a Christmas Anonymous?

Husband had nasal surgery last week to repair a deviated septum (and by deviated septum, I do not mean nose job) and suck out some mucus from his sinuses. You're welcome for the graphic picture now embedded in your brain. It was outpatient surgery and aside from the fact that he's a big cry baby, he's fine. Still swollen and unable to breath but he'll live. Thank God for Afrin.

Back to Christmas, my sister is coming from New Hampshire in December right around my birthday (listen, I make no secret of my birthday, its Dec. 14th; I expect a lot of attention and mainly, gifts.)...well, she's not coming HERE, she's coming to Orlando. But all the better because not only will I be able to see my FAVORITE sister and her family, but we'll see Mickey during the holidays. It's a twofer!

Merry Christmas!