Saturday, April 8, 2006

I have come to this conclusion: I am ill suited for myspace.

I spent a little time searching for folks on I did a search for my high school, my hometown and random names I could remember from my past.
It's interesting to see what people have become in 10 years time. I found one friend who was very blah growing up and she's unbelievably beautiful now. I found someone else who still looks 15.
Anyway...I was a little disturbed. I probably came across 20 girls (women, I guess they are now) that I used to know "back in the day". I would say that near half are with or have child(ren). Now obviously, they are my age and HELLO! I have child(ren). However, it seems that these women's sites were inappropriate. One girl had a picture of her holding her daughter and it said "glassy eyes 420!" (doesn't CPS ever troll myspace?) and she spoke highly of lots of drinking and drugs. Another woman had a picture of herself peeing in a bathroom drunk and the next picture was of her son. And here was the really messed up part...I saw a picture of a woman and I SWEAR she was wearing a shirt that used to be mine. So wrong.

Maybe I am up on a soap box. Maybe I have high standards (wouldn't be the first time someone said that about me). Perhaps, even, I am slightly judgemental. It is my opinion that when you have a child, your own life stops. Don't get me wrong. I have the occasional girls night out and I try and go to ALL of Mr. Brown's local shows. And on very rare occasion, I have a couple of drinks.
But you're not allowed to dress up in "street-wear" and brag about your "activities" when you have children. You don't get to act like you're 16. Even if you are. You just don't get to have that much fun. Or at least you don't get to put it out there on myspace for the world (and jerks like me) to see.
I hope that in real life, these people have "normal" lives. I hope that they make cupcakes for their kids' school and are consumed by laundry and annoying husbands. (Sound familiar?) I hope they love and care for their children how children should be. I hope their myspace is just a front.

Anyway. I found this experiment to be...confusing. On one hand, I was glad to see so many of my old friends got out of PB County. On the other, I was sad to see how many were still there and would probably stay for the rest of their lives. It's funny how in 8 to 12 years, everyone is an extreme. They've either completely changed (for the good or bad) or they're exactly the same.
It was fun. Seeing old boyfriends, best friends and enemies. I sent emails to those I wanted to let know I was still alive (a lot of people had doubts) and told them how happy I was to see their happiness.

Lastly, I am grateful. For my life, for my family and for the hard times. Because no matter how hard they are, you wont see a picture of my boobs or hear/see me talk about how "crunked up" (I think this is slang for inebriated or otherwise intoxicated. Please correct me if I'm wrong) I was the other night. At least not on myspace. It's just not the place.

(HEY, I rhymed!!!!)

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