Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter & Babies

Pull up a seat. This may take a while.

I wish I could remember how old I was when I stopped believing in make believe. Things like the Easter Bunny, Santa, The Tooth Fairy, etc. I think (hope?) we have a good 2 years before we have an issue with Santa; and I hope we have a while before Chicken realizes the Tooth Fairy's bank account is in my name since she hasn't lost any teeth yet. However, this may be the last year for the Easter Bunny. He's just not believable. An overgrown bunny who gives out eggs and Easter baskets? And how come the basket he left me have essentially has the same toys & candy Mom made for my friends and cousins? These are the questions she is already starting to ask. And why does he leave the basket out before church but no eggs until AFTER church?

I am very sad. Our daughter is growing up. Last year I was OK with her growing up. It seemed everyone around us was having babies. And I LOVE BABIES! More than kids. Really! I don't really like kids. I mean, I like the kids we're close with (most of them) but I'm not crazy about random children. But babies...who doesn't love a nice, fat baby? Now, all the babies from last year are talking, walking toddlers. I loose interest around the 2nd birthday when they learn to utilize the word "NO" and discover their own independence and control. Nixie, one of "our" babies threw a cracker at me a few weeks ago. She wanted a cookie, I gave her a cracker and she straight threw it at me. And earlier in the week, she rolled her eyes at me!
I am starting to get used to the idea that we may not have another child in our family. I know I have been saying this for over a year now but I MIGHT be accepting this fact now. With the cost of housing and child care; not to mention a certain someone's (ahem) age; the window of opportunity is closing. We shall see.
Summer is almost here and I am looking forward to long Saturdays on the beach, whole weekends at water parks and dinner parties at our house. In the meantime, it is Spring. Chicken is more and more excited about Sunday and all it brings. Being a student at a Christan school, she actually learned about the true meaning of Easter, which only makes it that much more special.
Happy Easter & Passover

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