Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Big O

OJ Simpson saved my mother's life.

At the time of the Simpson trial, she was in a severe depression. If I knew then what I know now, she probably would have been institutionalized. When they decided to broadcast that trial, my mom suddenly had something to live for. She watched every second of the drama. To this day, she has every single book written about the whole fiasco.
By the time it was over, my mom was a little better, went back to work and was on the road to normal (or as normal as my family gets).

OJ Simpson is releasing a book about how he murdered his wife and her boyfriend. Hypothetically, of course. He's also doing a TV special on Fox where he tells an interviewer what and how he committed the murders. You know, hypothetically.
Is this for real?
Why the hypothetical bullshit? He can't be tried again in criminal court and he already owes the Ron Goldman's father millions and millions of dollars from a civil case. (Which, by the way, OJ has been open in saying that he spends all of his money before the father can get his hands on it.) Why not come out with it? We all know you did it. Embrace what a parasite you are; a waste of human flesh and existence.

I've been able to forget that horrible time in my life. All this OJ news only reminds me of it.
And my period. I got my first period on the day OJ fled police in his white Bronco.

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