Monday, June 9, 2008

Pros & Cons List: The Pre-Vacation Edition

Olivia and I are going to Vermont in three short days. Here's a list of pre-vacation issues.

I broke my favorite (and only) prescription sunglasses.

Pro: No one in Vermont can appreciate DKNY sunglasses anyway.

Con: Dude - they're my favorite glasses and they don't make them anymore!

WWIII has erupted among my in-laws.

Pro: They're not the one's I'm visiting on vacation.

Con: My husband has to stay home and deal with it.

In a packing preparation frenzy, 9 loads of laundry were done.

Pro: My mom did it for me.

Con: Having to be 26 & still ask your mom to help with laundry.

I always have to clean my entire house before going on vacation.

Pro: Come home to a clean house.

Con: Or not because my husband is staying home.

I won't have Internet access in Vermont.

Pro: I'll get to enjoy the scenery and beauty that only a New England summer can provide.

Con: How will I keep up with Bossy, Mir and Dooce for over a week?

1 comment:

BOSSY said...

Bossy vacations in Vermont too - and she can't really help with your Pro and Con list except maybe the last one: Take actual Bossy with you! She promises to be entertaining and pack her support hose.