Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok - here's the thing....

My blog seems to be suffering from a slight case of schizophrenia. One minute I'm consistently writing about my life and family, the next I'm writing an organizing and craft blog and now she's turned into a hurricane blog. I like to call this being "well rounded".

Here's what I have to report: (I've got to get a job with Channel 7 News) Tropical Storm Hanna's outer bans (daymn - I'm fancy) are skimming us in South Florida. It's a little breezy with some good gusts and some scattered rain. Basically, a typical Winter day. (Oh, it's Summer?) Hanna is expected to go North and run into land somewhere along the Eastern coast. That's helpful.

Hurricane Ike? The flocker that's a Category four and churning away in the Atlantic? I can't really answer that question for you. The local news is constantly interrupting vital programming like Days Of Our Lives and People's Court for updates on the tracking of Ike. Their main message? We're in the middle of the 5 day Cone of Death but don't panic yet. Then, on their "Weather Blog", they go on and on about how the chances of an actual South Florida landfall for Ike is only 10% so don't run out and invest in Zephyrhills water or throw up your shutters yet. And when I stayed tuned in for the 11pm advisory tonight, they did a whole 10 minute segment from Home Depot about buying plywood and batteries and flashlights and water and you'd better be prepared now because Ike is a-comin' and we ought be scurred.

You can understand why I vacillate between ultimate panic and bright optimism.

I like to believe I'm a generally prepared resident of South Florida. I have a hurricane box that I pull out which contains batteries, flashlights, grill-safe cooking supplies and things of that nature. I keep a good stock of water all summer long and in the event that we're in the 5 day Cone of Death, I buy extra and usually include essentials like Starbucks Frappacino 4 packs and bacon.
In the event that we end up in the middle of the 3 day cone and Ike remains a BFH (Big Flippin' Hurricane), I'm coming to terms with the fact that I will evacuate. Not because they'll make me but because I have no desire to relive Wilma - let alone anything worse. Where am I going? I don't know - due North somewhere - like Hanna.

I'm either going to be up to my ears in water and tuna fish or feet don't fail me now to Kentucky. I'll let you know.


Ramblings of Kimberly said...

You are more than welcome to come to Texas!!!!

jennifer said...

WEEEEEELLLLL?? Are you still there or are you in OZ?

Hope you have a great weekend.