Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Apple Stain That Got Away

I once threw an apple at my husband. Luckily, I have terrible aim and instead hit the soffit way above his head. Last week, he was touching up the walls and cleaned the 4 year old apple stain from the soffit and when I came home, there was a little twinge in my heart to see the missing stain. Every day for 4 years, that stain has been a reminder. A reminder of how bad things once were and a reminder of how we can overcome anything, especially apples.

Today marks 5 years we have been married & this September, we will celebrate 9 years as a couple.

Our relationship is a little tricky. There are certainly logistical challenges we face daily (one being a 14 year age difference) and sometimes, I'm not sure if they ever get better or we just get used to them (or not). People who see us together aren't always sure of what to make of "it". There's a lot of ribbing, insults and fat jokes thrown around in regular conversation and it can put people off a bit. What they don't often realize is the love that runs so far beyond me leaving the water out (on purpose) or him farting without spraying Oust. It's so deep, it cannot be seen with untrained eyes.

I hardly admit this to him (except, you know, now I am because I know he reads this blog. GO AWAY, DANNY!) but he's changed my life in ways I will never admit to. Aside from the obvious ways he's made me a better person, I truly owe my life to him.

dB, you took me out of the ghetto and helped shape me into the person I've become. You've helped me form the life that I've dreamed of since I can remember and without you, I'd be nobody. (The same goes for you, homie. After all, I do take 1/2 the credit for Communion's lead line.) I proudly stand behind you in every endeavor of our lives and your career; there is no one more protective than I. You stuck with it through my late teens and now my 20's because you knew the true person I was inside and in part due to you, that person has flourished. I love you for every risk and sacrifice you've made to allow me to become me. I have loved you since the very beginning and I'm so grateful I grew on you. And even though I'm slightly dented, I know you'd never trade this Rolls Royce. (Because I get half.)

Happy anniversary, stinky.

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