Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mommy needs a nap

If you've ever had the torture (I mean, pleasure) of watching Dora the Explorer, you're probably familiar with the song "He's a grumpy old troll" which is all about a grumpy old troll who lives under a bridge and won't ever let Dora and her friends over without serious effort. Except now, I think that song was written about me.
Maybe I'm PMSing and since I don't track my - ahem - cycles, I never know when that bitch Aunt Ruby is going to rear her ugly head and turn my world upside down for the 3 days before her visit. None the less - I'm very crabby. And emotional. And sensitive. And everyone is getting on my GOD DAMNED nerves!
So I'm not sure if God is considering my file for admission into heaven someday but I'm pretty sure I've left him confused with yesterday's events. I was in Target for some Retail Therapy with crap from China and there was an elderly woman in a motorized scooter trying to maneuver her way though the women's clothing racks. She was having quite a bit of difficulty and so I (Hercules), moved two shelving racks so she could get through. Guaranteed admission ticket, right?
Except several hours later, I was in Publix at around 5:30 pm; which, apparently is the worst time to be there. I needed items from the deli so I instructed The Husband to stand in the sub line while I stood in the fresh sliced deli line. A very nosy woman (clearly without sense of intuition because I had to have had the look and she didn't take it as a clue) gave me two instructions on how to purchase both deli & subs at the same time. There was some confusing discussion and I finally looked at her and said "How would you suggest I do two things at once?". Except I was very snarky and had the tone. 2.2 seconds later I was buried with guilt. But later came to the conclusion that really, she deserved it. And after that, I realized that I snapped on a stranger who was probably trying to make that moment in my life a little easier because I AM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!
Who knows what ultimate fate God will present to me when the time comes (a very, very, very long time from now - I'd like to be rewarded from this stage of my life also known as hell, aka life with a 7 year old girl, with grandchildren). But surely, He's got some thinkin' to do!

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