Monday, May 12, 2008

People who don't look in the mirror

We spent a lovely Mother's Day Weekend at the Nick Hotel in Orlando, FL. I may write a review on this hotel later but I've got more urgent things to discuss. (The hotel, really, was very nice and I would highly recommend it to anyone with children ages 3 - 15.)

Allow me to prelude my thesis by saying I am all about women embracing their bodies regardless of what it looks like, is shaped like, weighs, etc. More so, I am in support of knowing what you can and cannot pull off in relation to your body type. Love yourself no matter what. But seriously...? Know your limit.

This hotel has two water parks which translates to many families in bathing suits. I've learned one very important fact about American mothers this weekend; many do not own mirrors nor do they utilize mirrors in fitting rooms. This was proven to me by the visual display American women put on during thier stay at the Nick Hotel. Women weighing in at over 200 lbs should not wear string bikinis. If the majority of your clothing (and especially undergarments) comes from the plus size section - you should not wander into the Juniors department for swimwear. I'm just sayin'.
As an American mother who looks like most other American mothers and not like Nicole Richie or Christina Aguilera; I fully sympathize with the struggle to find the bathing suit. I know that I can't wear a bikini.
Here's my question: When the plus-size women tried on their bathing suit, did they decide that string bikini was the one for them? Did their companion encourage this unscrupulous purchase? (Because just like finding ass-jeans, you must always bring a companion when bathing suit shopping.) Perhaps this was a purchase that was made 70lbs ago? But before you left your Spongebob Square Pants suite and headed down to the pool, did you check yourself in the 4 mirrors located in each suite? At that time, did you get that warm and fuzzy feeling one usually gets when looking smokin' hot? Also - a tan (even the spray-on kind) really helps deflect the sun from your white body.

In relation - if you are a woman who is lucky enough / works hard enough to obtain a string bikini-worthy body, here's a loving note of advice: When enjoying a day of leisure poolside with your children at a children's themed hotel, please refrain from thong bathing suits. There are pre-teen/adolescent boys here who may become victim of injury attempting to stare at your ass. Because it's the first ass they've seen in person who isn't related to them. I'm sure their tube socks, washcloths and Kleenex will thank you tonight.

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