Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Happens?

What happens when you're stuck in a job you despise more and more everyday but can't quit because the economy is to shit & no one is hiring?
What do you do when you have a boss whom you admire and respect yet she allows her employees to walk all over her?
When are you supposed to do when you've walked out of work early citing the on-set of a nervous breakdown and even your boss knows it's that bad she won't stop or penalize you?
What if you've haven't seen a raise in 2 years because you know the company is still building itself and can't afford it. Yet you've never bitched about it because you believe in that company and want to see it's success?
What happens if you've been dragged into a lawsuit involving your job?
What do you do if you're encouraged to take vacation because you "use it or loose it" but when you plan for that vacation, it's considered selfish?
What happens when you land a huge customer (one that the company would have folded without), bust butt everyday to keep that customer happy, go above and beyond your actual job description to accommodate that customer's requests but the other employees do nothing to help; in fact, they only hinder?
What happens when the reason you get out of bed every morning is to volunteer and the second work enters your mind, you push the snooze button?

What are you supposed to do then?

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