Friday, March 2, 2007

The Doctor

In spite of my hormone induced rage earlier in the week, I've turned a corner.

My ho-a-scope said my "luck will be changing today". That was yesterday.

-Chicken's homework is done. 4 days early. Without argument. With Husband's help.
-Today was Baby Back Ribs night @ Scruby's BBQ. SCORE!!
-I purchased two new mah-va-lous pieces of jewelry from the Q. (That's QVC, fools!)
-I remained dignified and mature during an argument with another school mom who is acting stank.
-I confirm plans with Gramma & Silly Grandpa Bobby. I love them.
-I may or may not have completed a very complex permit application for a job at work.
-I sent birthday wishes to an old friend and received a very sentimental reply. Olive You!
-We did not watch another Sopranos re-run.
-I wore a new shirt today. And I have another new shirt to wear tomorrow!
-My husband still loves me. Even though I go out for Chinese and come home with Burger King.

So what that there is a meeting at 8am that I am not prepared for? The bathroom is growing mold (again?), there are still dishes in the sink and laundry is scattered throughout. I still haven't called laid-up Vermont Aunt and there is a weird smell coming from a non-smelly room in my house. So what?

From the words of my wise homie Dr. Dre:

Today was a good day.

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