Monday, March 26, 2007


There has been a lot of buzz about "The Secret". I haven't read this book or seen the DVD (so I should shut my mouth until I do. But I wont.) but my basic understanding of this concept is if you put positive thoughts out into the universe, they will come true. The book/DVD uses material things as examples (a boy envisions a bike, thinks of the bike, puts it out into the universe and then he gets the bike). Y'all know I'm all for the materialistic (I have quite the shoe collection) but I think this could be a very powerful concept. I'm not going to call it "The Secret" because it's no secret, duh! I'm going to call it the "Universe Concept".
Personally, I have been on the receiving end of the Universe Concept before I even knew about "The Secret". I'm generally an optimistic person with cynical tendencies. I'd like to think I'm realistic but I sort of live in my own small bubble-type world so I won't actually label myself as a realist. If you put positive out there, it will come back to you. Perhaps this is more simplistic reasoning than realistic but whatever. It's my blog and I can write it how I want to!
With that being said, I'm trying to envision different things for my life. For instance, everyone knows I want another baby. That's NO secret! But being the realist that I am (shit, did I just label myself that? Oh well. MY BLOG!), I understand that our current dwelling place is far too small to house another child. So while I've been putting it out into the universe (and/or praying) that I want to get pregnant, I've sort of attached negative thoughts.
But this morning, I had an epiphany!
I could have another baby here. I could put the baby in our room and when she (that's right, she. I don't want boys, thank you) she's too big for the crib, she can share Chicken's bunk bed! I could adjust! I can rearrange! I CAN MAKE THIS WORK!
Of course, there is still the pesky issue of Husband needing a home office/studio. And my dream of a beautiful guest room. And a garage.
Perhaps the solution is not to dream of another baby. It's to dream of a bigger house. The realist (there I go again!) in me knows that we need more money for a bigger house. So I should imagine Danny getting his mortgage license first. Or I could imagine my long-wanted career change to a sign language interpreter.
But I don't go "in order". My life has never been in "proper" sequence (although it has worked out just fine so far). I had a baby long before I married, I had a car before I had a license, etc. So maybe what I need is a baby and then let the details work themselves out.
Except, you know, my husband doesn't really want another baby right now. Because he likes things in order.

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