Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Break Isn't What It Used To Be!

Now, I didn't go to college but I always thought of Spring Break as a time to drink too much, stay up too late and flash your boobs to Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild). Times, they are a-changin'!
In my quest to find a great summer/day camp program for Chicken, I chose a Spring Break program as a "trial" for summer. I chose this place because many of her classmates went there for preschool and will go there this summer and I want her to be comfortable with people she already knows.
But y'all know I'm crazy. Like restraining-order-crazy.

When Chicken was 3 and went to preschool, I was very confident about where she was going. NHA was pretentious, clean, bright and featured accredited teachers. I never shed a morning tear there. I had a "feeling" about the place that allowed me to drop her off guilt free as I went about my silly monkey job. Then something happened that needn't be detailed here but I had to abruptly remove Chicken and eventually was served with a restraining order from the administration of NHA. Then the search was on for another preschool to place Chicken during the 5 remaining months before kindergarten. I never found the "best" place and we ended up in an "ok" but not the best, program. I cried everyday for 5 months when I dropped her off. The place was safe and clean but dumbed down. I began to doubt my instincts. After all, I'd had a great feeling about NHA and for years trusted them with my precious Einstein Chicken. And see how that turned out?

We're back to square one. I've been dreading and avoiding the task of finding the best summer program. I can't bear touring schools with directors telling me only what I want to hear again. I'm still raw from the endless registration process last time. And the tears feel as fresh today as they did when I was crying them last spring. But because I am a mature and dignified parent (what?), I'm doing it we'll try this Spring Break program. For the low, low price of $150, my child can enjoy field trips, new camp shirts and swimming lessons for five days!! (Must pack bag lunch for child. Mommy's agony included free of charge.)
Chicken, however, is so excited she insisted she take the school's business card to class with her. With promises to be open and honest with me, she'll embark on a school bus (her first without me) filled with screaming 6 to12 year olds to the skating rink in a couple of weeks. A pocket full of change for the arcade, my cell phone number in her memory for emergency and a dose of Mommy's agony on the side.
Happy Spring, folks!

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