Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It Could Happen To You!

Wouldn't it be funny if:

Your husband had major surgery which nearly killed him 5 years ago?
And left a actual, visible hole in his stomach for 2 years?
Then he had the hole repaired,
And the doctor's office told you insurance never paid for the original surgery?
So you do the right thing and battle with said insurance company for months to get the doctor paid?
Then you don't hear from the doctor's office for 2 more years and naturally assume the bill has been paid,
Until you receive a final collection notice on behalf of the doctor's office threatening to steal then sell your blood unless you pay them $8,000.00?
And when you dispute the collections notice, the collectors call you a deadbeat and hang up?
This all happens when you're about to buy a new house and have spent a year cleaning up your credit?

1 comment:

Ramblings of Kimberly said...

THAT.FREAKIN.SUCKS. Now what are you going to do?