Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too Bizarre For a Title!

Remember when I told you that there was a strange smell in Chicken's bedroom that smelled like pee?
As it turns out, that's because it is pee.

See, what happened was:
Husband got new costumes for his music group, Spacemen and I was trying to get everything organized for the show last night so I put the old costumes & helmets in her room on Wednesday. Thursday morning, the room reeked. I thought it must have been the costumes but I repeatedly asked Chicken if she had an accident which she insisted she did not.
Fast forward to Friday (yesterday), I took the costumes out of the room and the smell didn't follow. She slept at Grammy's and when she came home, it was still a-stankin'! I asked again, she said she did not have an accident. Then she blurted this out: "I peed in a pink tin."

Come again?

Yeah. Apparently, my daughter, always the curious, decided she wanted to see what it would be like to pee in a pink tin (which about the size of a shoe box) so she did. And the pee has been rotting away for just over a week.

One day, when she is dating or perhaps even married, I will tell this strange story of when she peed in a pink tin.

Until then, we're all still peeing in pink tins from laughter of the situation. But we still can't figure out why.

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Ramblings of Kimberly said... BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

That is hilarious! Atleast she copped to day you might of picked up said tin (had she not told you) and had really really really old pee on you!