Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drywall dust made a liar out of me.

Remember when I inhaled 5 hours worth of drywall dust? Turns out that stuff causes bronchitis! And when I'm plagued with an illness such as bronchitis - where I sleep less than 3 hours per night, spend the rest of my time coughing uncontrollably and crying from the chest and neck pains - I take medicine.

Here's the MasterCard version.

Spackle putty and sander: $8
Materials to make artwork: $25
Prescription Z-pack antibiotic: $20
Prescription cough syrup with codeine: $10
Prescription asthma inhaler: $38
Trip to ER: $100
Having a husband who'll pay for all of those things and hold your hand while you're crying hysterically when having an IV inserted and threaten to take a picture for your blog: priceless.

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