Sunday, August 17, 2008

MY 100th POST!!

New friends - as promised, I'm answering all your questions in honor of my 100th post. I know the rule is to post 100 facts about yourself but I'm a rebel, dammit - so the 100 facts will be my 101st post.
This was so much fun - thanks for participating!

Kim @ Ramblings of Kimberly:
When you do finally get knocked up with another gorgeous child... are you wanting a girl or a boy? Why?
I can't believe I'm going to admit this but I've become one of those people who said "I don't care what I have - as long as it's healthy". It's so cliche but that's because it's true. For honesty's sake, I will say that lately I've been leaning towards wanting a boy. Because boys love their mothers and pre-teen daughters are brats.
When you first started your period...what happened? were you freaked out? did it happen at the most inopportune time?
I started my period the day OJ Simpson ran from the cops in his white Bronco. It was also my Grandma's birthday. I remember being really, really tired and sleeping all day. My mother was so glued to the television that she made my dad go and buy "supplies". Bless his sweet heart. I felt very annoyed by the whole experience because everyone was making such a big deal about it and also very relieved because it was over with.

Jennifer @ Extreme House Wifeing:
What is your idea of the perfect day?
The perfect day would have to be at least 48 hours long because there's never enough time for me to do everything I want. It would consist of spending a good part volunteering, more time with Olivia doing really girly stuff, cleaning my entire house without becoming bored or exhausted and it would end with me getting knocked up.

Jennifer @ Dust Bunny Hostage:
Do you think Martha Stewart deserved what she got?
I know this was posted as a joke but I'm going to answer it anyway because I actually have an opinion about this. (Shocking.) (shut up) I have been a Martha Stewart fan since before it was cool to like Martha Stewart. I get what the negativity is towards her - she's pretty pretentious and kind of a fraud (we all know her "people" do everything and she takes the credit). But she's done so much in her life and has been successful at almost everything she's done - how can I not strive to be more like her? Besides - I like good things, too. With that said, I strongly feel that the only reason she was treated the way she was is because she's a woman and that's never okay. Katt Williams said it best when he said "Who can blame a bitch for gettin' a tip that her money was about to be gone and then takin' it all out?".
What is that THING that you want your kiddos to remember about you one day?
I want my children to remember that I was their best advocate their whole lives. I'm proud to say that I'm not the type of mother who puts her own insecurities and issues ahead of the child's best interest. I want them to know that throughout their entire lives; education, relationships, justice and everything in between, that I shouted the loudest and fought harder than anyone else for them. Although they'll probably just remember I shouted the loudest.
Is your life more Shakespeare of Dr. Seuss?
My childhood fantasy was to have a Shakespeare life but fortunately, God gave me a Dr. Seuss life. A lot of humor and silliness is required.
What is THE BEST thing that blogging has given you?
I think I am not unlike most other "mommy-bloggers" (Is there a more PC term for this?) who feel that blogging gives me a sense of self. In addition, it keeps my brain working - I'm constantly challenging myself here. Most of all, I've "met" some very kind people who've been so helpful and supportive during those not-so-Dr. Seuss-moments.
(PS - I would like to give a special HOLLA out to Jennifer @ Dust Bunny Hostage for asking the most questions!)

Mrs. N @ All That Naz
If you were a crayola crayon...what color would you be?
Gosh - I have no idea. I would just be a saturated shade of LOUD pink and it would be called SOPHIA. (Suggestions can be emailed directly to

Carianne @ Confessions of a Middle Aged Mess:
How do you think having a deaf mother influenced your life positively and negatively?
Leave it up to my sister to ask the deepest and most difficult question to answer. I've thought long and hard about my answer and have decided to answer in as much honesty as possible. Growing up with a deaf mother was incredibly hard and unless you've actually lived in those shoes, it's almost indescribable. The loneliness I felt was constant and I'm not sure if it's because my house was silent or if it's because I was an only child but it was profound. Naturally, there were perks like turning the music up as loud as I wanted and sneaking the phone to talk at all hours of the night. At this time, I've yet to gain proper perspective on the positive vs. negative impact but I know that my mother did the best that she could with what she had and that has forced me to do better in my own life. Which is what I think any mother would want.

Tabitha @ Roots & Wings
Did you name your dolls/Barbies as a kid?? What were their names??
I wasn't really a Barbie kind of girl - most of my dolls were of the Cabbage Patch form and they all came with their very own names. I usually chose Cabbage Patches based on their names (which you could see on the box) and never changed them.


proudgrits11 said...

Great Q & A!! Congrats on #100--keep it up, it's like free therapy!! :)
P.S. i played with all manner of Barbies and dolls. I had dolls named Amanda...and Jessica. Wow, I actually remember that. My Barbies are harder to remember...wait...Brenda! She was the mommy with the twins! Heehee.

jennifer said...

And THAT is the story of my life... asking the most questions!!

The Martha Stewart thing was one part joke, one part honest curiosity. I think it happened to her because she was Happenin'. Folks jumped on the Martha Stewart Witch hunt because she is coolness, grace, talent, and famous. It always bothered me the way that went down.

As to the other questions? You answered them wonderfully! Congratulations on 100 posts.