Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I want that pretty recycled one Dooce featured yesterday

I really need to get a small notebook to carry around because over the past few days, I've thought of some funny blog topics and even some hilarious sentences to go with them. Except I forgot them all and you're stuck with this hodge-podge of my life for this week.

While I was kissing and tickling Olivia, I told her I love her more than anything else in the world and she's my #1. She was very pleased with this information but her response was less than impressive (at least it was for me). "You're my number two. Daddy is my number one." This is why I want a boy next time.

My sleeping patterns are so jacked up this week. I'm writing it off to Aunt Flo but I need to resume to my regularly scheduled programming soon before I go insane.

Olivia goes back to school this Monday (hallelujah) but there is still so much I need to do at school, it's frightening. I'm off from work on Friday and that happens to be the same day as Open House. I hope I can spend endless hours there this week or else I'll never be ready in time.

My kitchen is a mess and I'm not trying to be facetious. The fish bowl is so dirty, poor Tommy the Beta cannot see out of it. The laundry is piled up to the ceiling and I haven't decided when there will be time to chip away at it. And that bathroom has that smell again.

It has rained every single day this Summer. I know it's South Florida so it's expected to rain a lot in the summer but seriously - this is enough. I've only been in the pool once and that's really disappointing. I'm hoping for a better weekend this weekend because I cannot go to the first day of school all pale.

Danny has agreed to let me paint the dining room wall whatever color I want. This is a huge victory in our home but now I can't decide what color I want. He doesn't care, as long as I leave him out of it but I need him to come with me to pick out paint colors.

Speaking of Danny, he recently insulted my artwork on the living room wall. My feelings were really hurt and I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I can do to improve the situation. I had a EUREKA! thought today and when I suggested it, he was very confused and told me he loved the wall with the quotes and why did I want to change it? I reminded him of his harsh criticism from the other day and he laughed and said "that's just what we do. We hurt each other's feelings. Some people buy each other presents and give nice cards - we throw insults." I haven't really resolved how I feel about this but if you know my husband, it was a sweet thing for him to say. Like the time he told me that "you don't give away a Rolls Royce just because it has a couple of scratches and dents" when I asked him if he would ever leave me.

I'm not sure if I'm coming down with a cold (in the middle of August) or if the all the drywall dust I took in last weekend has had an adverse effect on my respitory system but man, I've got a sore throat.

I've started my 100th post but have post-dated it. I'm glad to say that I've answered all of your questions with complete honesty. It's not too late to ask questions, though. Just leave a comment here with your question and I'll include it with #100.


Ramblings of Kimberly said...

Oh Sophia you had me in stitches. Somehow I think my husband and danny would get along great. Especially the "Some people buy each other presents and give nice cards - we throw insults" part...that sounds like hubby to a "T"! hahahahha

Jennifer said...

Wow sounds a lot like my hubby! The Rolls Royce comparison sounds just like something he would say. My hubby is letting me decorate the whole house however which way I want to. Only condition is that the garage is his.

jennifer said...

BINGO! We have painted walls. Another Blogger success story.

Hmm... question.... if it's not too late.

OK, question #1 would be is it too late to ask a question?

Question #2 - Is your life more Shakespeare of Dr. Suess?

Question #3 - What is THE BEST thing that blogging has given you?

Drop by and give me a hello for sure when your 100 is up. I have been out of sorts lately and I haven't been visiting and reading blogs as much as I would like (like = constantly).