Friday, August 15, 2008

The Evening Quickie

(Alternatively titled: Holy crap, I haven't been this sick since I was 9 years old - why, oh why God, do you smite me?)

I'm sick. I'm not really sure with what yet and no, I haven't gone to the doctor and no, I haven't taken any medicine besides Advil. I don't really do medicine because I'm a Scientologist. Just kidding. There are lots of reasons why but I only tell that information to people after I've slept with them. I'm going to get a little descriptive with my symptoms here so if you're squeamish to mucous, snot and other questionable liquids leaking from my head, I suggest you stop reading after the sentence before this one.

My sinuses are clogged with a lot of stuff - some of it I can blow out, others that I can feel dripping into my throat. I'm trying to avoid swallowing at all costs as to avoid an Olympic Event of Mucous Puking. I am also coughing but not an extraordinary amount and I"m not really getting anything up from my lungs. I have the weirdest sore throat, too. It doesn't hurt to swallow but it hurts to spit or cough. The good news is, I can still talk and eat copious amount of Twinkies and the such. The bad news is the Twinkies and such taste like boogers.

There is a hurricane coming. On Monday. Which is the 1st day of school. And I haven't been the grocery store for water and other essentials yet. In case you're wondering if I have any plans for tomorrow, I will be standing in line at Publix tomorrow for seventeen hours waiting in line to pay for those water and other essentials. Maybe I can cough all over everyone and they'll let me skip line. (I really doubt it - this is South Florida and we are ruder than the fine folks in NYC.)

This is officially my 99th post and it's not too late to ask your questions. I will be posting the final questions on #100 whenever I'm feeling better and / or Florida Power & Light restores my power after the hurricane. Whichever comes first.

*Edited to add - because when it rains, baby, it pours in the Brown Household, our a/c isn't working now. And it's 89 degrees at 10 o'clock at night. I suppose that's really quite convenient, though, seeing as how we won't have power pretty soon anyway.


proudgrits11 said...

Oooooooh, I am so sorry!! I hate being sick!!
I have to you have a nettie pot?? This little mini tea pot thingy that you pour in one nostril and it drains out the other?? Sounds kooky--but we all swear by it, esp. my mom, who suffers chronic sinus infections. Cleans you out, gets the "debri" out and keeps the sickness to a minimum. There's my six cents!! :)
My card making tutorial has posted--let me know if you have questions (once you feel better, of course).
Hope you feel better soon!!

jennifer said...

Wondering if you held up OK with the Hurricane? Now I'm like WORRIED because you haven't posted since Sunday and the weather came in on Monday.

If all is well would you mind swinging by my site and letting me know?

How bloomin' nosey is that? Sorry. Going to say a prayer for you and your family. I wish y'all the best.