Friday, August 22, 2008

We now returned to our regularly scheduled programming (sort of)

I know I missed my Thursday Sincerely 'Fro post and I'm upset about it but it's nice to be missed, really. Thank you to everyone who sent me comments and emails with concern to both my disappearance (thank you, bronchitis!) and the hurricane. Information on Bronchitis Fest 2008 can be found here. As for the hurricane, it was nothing much to cry about - thank the Lord - it did drop a lot of much needed rain all across the state and has caused some flooding but we are fine here in the South.
While I've been sick, I've spent any coherent time making cards. Because it made me forget that my lungs were trying to escape via my trachea. Here are the photos.
These were my second set - none of the cards match other than the color scheme but I love them.
There was originally 4 but I used one today. As you can see, I'm lacking embellishments for the cards but I'm trying to make due until my collection expands.
This is my favorite set so far - I'm not sure if the colors come out great in the photos but it's pink, maroon, black, white and silver with glitter.
I hit a groove with this last set.
As I continue to recover (oh! the drama!), I'll make more and post the pictures.


Ramblings of Kimberly said...

I am glad you are feeling better! I was watching the news closely about the hurricane..and knew you were fine!!

I LOVE the third set of cards!!!

proudgrits11 said...

WOW!! Those cards are stinkin' amazing!!!!! You are doing awesomely!! Is that a word??
The glitter I use is the cheap-o kids glitter-glue!! nothing fancy, it's $2/bottle. I enjoy the clear but they make other colors, too. It really jazzes things up!!

jennifer said...

You have fallen off the deep end. I hope you brought your swimmies because it is..... costly.

Great work! I love to make cards too!